KitToken Team Members

President & CEO


Col. (R) Nasharuddin Mohamed

Founder & Chief Executive Officer 

Nasha is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Kittoken Inc Apart from his role in Kittoken Inc, he is also the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of KitBay Limited. Before devoting his work full-time to KitBay and Kittoken Inc, Nasha was a Malaysian military officer with an excellent track record with over 29 years of experience in the service. He attended Royal Military College Malaysia and later pursued his studies in Logistics Science at National University of Malaysia and Defence & Strategic Studies at University of Malaya. He obtained his Master’s Degree in Management Science from Middlesex University, United Kingdom and later Master’s Degree in Defence and Strategic Studies from the National University of Malaysia.

Our Team


Amir Mohamed

  Chairman & Co-Founder

 Amir Mohamed holds a Master’s degree in Business Administrations (MBA) majoring in International Business from University of East London, UK. He has been the CEO of Masterplan Center Sdn. Bhd. (now KitPay Fintech) and was later re-designated as Chairman of Kittoken Inc and kitpay fintech since 2018. Prior to that, he was the CEO of Billadam, a mobile applications & content development company based in UK and Cyberjaya which produced the 1st mobile street map of London. Amir brings with him over 25 years of entrepreneurship experience into KitPay Fintech Sdn. Bhd


CDR Khairil Hariss Khairuddin RMN

  Chief Operating Officer (COO) 

 Hariss is a military practitioner turned entrepreneur and applying military strategies and processes to business. While in the Navy, he served as a Naval Aviator and has been involved in various missions throughout his 23 years of service. He demonstrated versatility to quickly transition across various sectors such as leadership, operations, training, human resource, aviation and maritime  


Khalid Abu Hassan

  Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

 Khalid Abu Hassan holds B.Sc Mathematics & Economics from Northern Illinois University, Illinois USA and M.Sc Applied Statistics from Bowling Green State University, Ohio USA. He was the Head of Quantitative Department at Mara Institute of Technology and joined National Fund Ltd as a Corporate Consultant. He has been contributing to the government of Malaysia, his consultancy experiences in many projects as Business Development Consultant for 2 major corridor development initiatives namely ECERDC and NCIA.  

Chief Technical Officer and Developer


Sujith Somraaj


Sujith is an electronics engineer from MIT. He is well versed in electronics as well as computer technology. Being a solid solidity programmer, he is young and dynamic. He always admires the physical changes happening around us. He is the chief advisor of KitToken, a decentralized banking token which is being developed under his technical and practical guidelines. Sujith is also well known for his electronics experience. He started cryptocurrency mining a couple of years ago and he had a vast knowledge in the cryptocurrency mining space. He is also well versed in the physical theories and laws and he is implementing those into cryptocurrency mining. 

Team Members

Wan Mohd Hafiq Abdul Jalil


Corporate Strategy

Izlila Othaman


Corporate Admin

Pranesh A S


Senior Back-end Developer & Blockchain Engineer

Ahamed Faez Amer


Creative Designer

Syarizat Idiris



Khalid Saidullah


Corporate Service

Vishwa Rajendran


Interaction Designer

Haziq Najmi


Social Media

Norul Azhikin Moh Suhdi


Accounts & Finance

Suzilin Ensingan Telajan





Creative Content


Dr. Ben Jones

Community Administrator at Cashaa and Advisor at KitToken